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Oxford Quantum Science & Technology Symposium

Organised by Brian, Peter and David, to be held  in the Martin Wood lecture theatre at the Clarendon Laboratory, this is an all-day event for all Oxford quantum science and technology researchers. 
If you are bringing a poster, please try to put it up first thing in the morning, or at the first coffee break, so that people have a chance to look at them during all the breaks through the day. You can bring either A0 portrait, or A1 landscape to fit on our poster boards.

0840     Registration

0900  IA Walmsley Scalable Photonic Quantum Networks

0940 M Sprague  Broadband quantum memory in a hollow-core photonic-crystal  fibre

1005 P Michelberger Storage of down-converted photons in a room-temperature quantum memory

1030 L Wright  Single photon purity and  fidelity via superfidelity

1055-1130    Tea & coffee

1130 V Vedral  Single qubit probes of non-equilibrium quantum thermodynamics

1210 O Dahlsten  Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics inspired by modern information theory

1235 D Saunders  Different local models for different quantum tasks

1300 B Reid  Coherent control of an excited state exciton in an InGaN quantum dot

1330-1430    Lunch & posters

1430 GAD Briggs  Device materials for quantum technologies

1510 J Mol   Acceptor qubits in silicon

1535 E Laird  A valley-spin qubit in a carbon nanotube

1600-1630    Tea & coffee

1630 S Benjamin  Why you should explode your quantum computer:  a network of tiny fragments is powerful and practical

1710 M Kiffner  Macrodimers and artificial gauge  fields in dipole-dipole interacting Rydberg Atoms

1735 J Vicary  The geometry of quantum information  flow

1800-1930    Wine reception


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